Pre-Camp Checklist 2020

This page is intended to summarize important need-to-know items for registered 2020 Oregon Fall Camp participants. If you have not already registered for the 2020 Fall Camp, please go to the Camp info page to get registered.


What do I need to do before any 2020 Camp session?

Item #1 -- Camp Paperwork!
If you already sent your forms via email, you get a gold star!

If you have NOT done this yet -- please get on this before your first Camp day.

There are two paperwork items we need every Camper to fill out. A waiver and a COVID Health Agreement.

Camp Waiver --

Camp Health Agreement --

You can scan signed copies or take a smart phone picture and email that to jd at xcoregon dot org .... please just put your name + Camp forms in the subject line.

Worst case you can bring physical signed copies to your first Camp session (but we really, really, really prefer this year to be contactless).


Item #2 -- Venue Parking Details & Dec 11-12 Mt Bachelor Trail Passes

If you are attending Camp on any Meissner Sno-Park day (December 3-6), you need to purchase an Oregon Sno-Park permit either for a day or season (depending on how many days you are attending). You CANNOT buy permits up at Meissner itself and we start sessions too early to buy a permit the morning of your first Camp session. You have to do this at least the evening ahead. Most westside Bend outdoor recreation shops have permits for sale. It is not easy to purchase these on-line. ID and CA snow area permits have reciprocity. WA does not. Yes, Oregon State Police do issue tickets.

If you are attending Camp on any Mt Bachelor day (December 7-12), you need to get a free parking reservation via the Mt Bachelor "WEEK OF" system at the mountain website. As of Monday, November 30 you can get a "Week Of' reservation every morning starting at 7am exactly one week ahead of any Mt Bachelor day you are attending Camp. For example, if you are attending Camp on Tuesday, Dec 8 -- you can get a "Week Of' reservation starting on Tuesday, Dec 1. Fall Camp has written up a full page of information about the parking reservation system that may help you avoid confusion. Go to

Also for December 11-12 Mt Bachelor days of Camp, those skiers that are NOT Nordic season pass holders or have a 4-day Nordic pass (only sold in September) you need to buy your daily Mt Bachelor Nordic trail pass AHEAD OF ARRIVAL to the mountain. For Camp 2020, daily trail passes are only sold on-line or over the phone via Mt Bachelor. It is best to make this purchase a couple days before your first Camp day so you have it done. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a few helper hints that XC Oregon has found speeds up buying Daily Tickets. Final Note: Campers that need daily trail passes also need to arrive early enough at the mountain that you have time to collect your daily trail pass at the Nordic Center ticket window. We believe the window will open at 8:30am (checking on that right now).

For folks that purchased 4-day Nordic passes back in September, the Fall Camp is trying to get an answer from Mt Bachelor right now how you pick up your pass. We suspect you need to go to the Nordic Center before we start your first Camp session day to get your pass printed and activated. We will post this info as soon as we can confirm it.


When and where do we meet for any 2020 Camp session?

Meissner Camp Days (Dec 3-6):
WHEN: Meissner Meeting Times:
Thursday, Friday and Sunday -- we will meet at 8:45am.
For Saturday, December 5 -- we will meet at 8:15am (to make sure we get parking spots).

WHERE: We will meet to the left of the (closed for COVID) Meissner Lodge building. Just walk from your car direct to that trailhead spot. Please have your face covering over your mouth/nose when we meet. Please maintain safe spacing to other skiers. Oregon Fall Camp tends to start very close to our designated times. If you are late and we have left the trailhead area, you have to find a Camp group out on the trails (which will not be easy). Ye be warned.

Mt Bachelor Camp Days (Dec 7-12):
WHEN: Mt Bachelor Meeting Times: Currently our plan is to meet at 8:45am. Camp emails will let you know if we need to adjust this time due to parking, traffic or weather.

WHERE: We will meet on our skis directly below the Nordic Center pass entrance gate in what locals call "the Bowl". Please have your face covering over your mouth/nose when we meet. Please maintain safe spacing to other skiers. To get to the Bowl, you ski down a short downhill about 50 meters from the Nordic Center itself. Note that it will take you a few minutes to put on your gear, go thru the pass gate, and ski down the hill. PLEASE build in enough time to your morning drive that you account for the time it will take to do everything and meet the group promptly at our meeting time. If you are late and we have left the Bowl, go directly to "the Oval" (ask the gate attendant on duty for directions). If really late, you have to find a Camp group (which will not be easy). Ye be warned.

Also another quick note about parking on Mt Bachelor days -- the entire COVID parking reservation system is totally brand new for Mt Bachelor and the Fall Camp is taking place literally the first six days the mountain is in operation for 20/21. The potential for some traffic back-ups is high -- especially if we get a powder day. You are highly advised to allow extra time in your drive to the mountain so that the parking check-in process doesn't make you late for Camp. YOU ALSO NEED TO REMEMBER YOUR PARKING PRINT OUT OR LOAD THE PARKING APP WITH YOUR RESERVATION FOR EACH DAY!!!!


Other 2020 Camp Notes

--> The most important part of the COVID Health Agreement is that all Campers understand that we are depending on all Campers to "opt out" of Camp on any day that you wake up feeling unwell with symptoms related to COVID-19. Similarly if you know you have been potentially exposed to a positive case of COVID-19. The Camp will refund your fees for days you don't attend due to health safety. The health of all your fellow Campers and XC Oregon coaches depends on all of us following COVID-safe protocols!

--> Each Camp morning we will wrap-up by 11:45am except for Saturday, Dec 5 which wraps 30 minutes earlier given the half hour earlier meeting time.

--> For all Campers attending the December 3-6 Camp days at Meissner, XC Oregon would like to remind you that our Camp webpage and registration materials mention the expectation that all Campers on those days will either make a donation to the non-profit Meissner Nordic club in lieu of trail fees -- OR (if you live in Central Oregon) that you will join/support the club at the level you feel comfortable. Technically the trails at Meissner are "free". But let's be real folks. Grooming dozens of kilometers of trails in the Oregon Cascades with a snowcat and snowmobiles 5-7 days a week for up to four months every winter is never "free". We ask all Fall Camp attending these days to contribute your fair share to this most excellent community project.

--> Campers are advised to bring a thermos with a hot beverage and snacks for yourself to enjoy in your private car during the 10-15 minute break your group will take at the halfway point of each morning. Before and after each Camp session you should plan on operating entirely out of your car. There will not be any indoor area to wait in or change in.

--> Remember that neither the Meissner and Mt Bachelor lodges offer indoor seating or changing options. Meissner restrooms are rustic USFS units. You should bring your own hand sanitizer. Mt Bachelor Nordic Center will have access to restrooms, rentals, and a small retail area -- but no other amenities this year (including their famous cafe unfortunately).

--> Each Camp morning we will attempt to take video shots of each Camper. Every Camp afternoon we will attempt to offer a Zoom meeting to review the video footage (exact times TBD). If we can offer a record of the meeting so you can watch at another time, we will offer that. DISCLAIMER: Attempting video review in this way is foreign territory for the Fall Camp. There are a lot of things that could go wrong with this plan. So XC Oregon asks in advance for patience and understanding from all Campers if the video review doesn't happen or goes awry on a given day.


Potentially Helpful Tips For Buying Mt Bachelor Daily Nordic Tickets

Note: This is the sequence that XC Oregon found worked best to navigate to the purchase point on the Mt Bachelor website. They unfortunately did not design the system to be easy. If anyone comes up with additional tips or a better route, please email jd at xcoregon dot org so we can share with other Campers.

We are finding that the Nordic pass links from the main Mt Bachelor website pages do not easily lead (or not at all) to a purchase page. So we found a work around route.

You need to go first to:

Then set up a quick account with email and a simple password.

Then you need to scroll down just a wee bit and look left screen. You’ll see a menu bar where it says Day Tickets. Click on Adult Price. It’ll load into the purchase box, you send to your cart — and the rest is just payment process.