Oregon Fall Camp

Mt Bachelor/Bend, Oregon

Confirmed Camp dates for December 3-12

Select any date combination & any 1-5 days you like from a choice of 10 total days!

Recognized since 2001 by skiers around the world as one of the best ski education events you'll find anywhere for adult XC skiers.


Fall Camp Registration (OPEN!)

2020 Fall Camp Registration is open for the entire Camp -- Dec 3-12 (except for wait list days). Please read carefully all restrictions on the Dec 7-10 period before you register! Scroll down for more Camp info (prices, what's included, etc.).


Pre-Camp General Information For Registered Campers (Coming in November)


NOAA forecast for Mt. Bachelor trail system.

NOAA forecast for Meissner Sno Park elevation.

Mt. Bachelor Nordic weather/snow conditions (winter AM updates only).

Mt. Bachelor Alpine weather/snow conditions (more webcams).

Mt. Bachelor Nordic Facebook page

Meissner Nordic home page with grooming reports at Meissner elevation


Last Update: Monday, November 23 (11:00am PST)

General News:

What does and does not impact Fall Camp with recent State of Oregon Activity "Freeze" & West Coast Travel Advisory ....

The Fall Camp remains "go" despite the recent activity "freeze" announced by the State of Oregon. The "freeze" technically will expire the day before the Camp starts. Also the Camp is technically an allowed activity because we are an outdoor sport education program in a low risk activity and meeting Oregon Health Authority guidance. So even if the activity "freeze" is extended into December (decent chance that will happen), we should remain good to go.

Also at this time, there is no immediate concern that our Meissner and Mt Bachelor skiing venues will be impacted by the State of Oregon "freeze".

Meissner Sno Park already will keep the USFS lodge closed all year and otherwise is just a parking lot plus a couple rustic USFS restrooms. The Deschutes National Forest has thus far not expressed any concern that Sno Parks will be closed in coming weeks. There is also zero science or tracing evidence (worldwide that has shown active outdoor trail venues to contribute in any way to virus case loads.

Mt Bachelor (like most ski resorts nationwide) has gone to extreme lengths to prepare the resort for the fall case wave and there is no current talk at official levels of ski areas being at risk of operation this December. The 2020 operating plan from Mt Bachelor is found here.

The recent Travel Advisory issued by the CA, OR, and WA governors is just that, an advisory for out-of-state travel (so this is a total non-factor for Oregon residents relative to Fall Camp).

When travel can be avoided, while the Advisory is in place -- that is recommended. But anyone that does elect to travel to/from these states in coming weeks are asked to self-quarantine in such a way that you can prevent the spread of COVID-19. Skiers from out-of-state are asked to use your best judgement as to whether you can follow the intent behind this Advisory. XC Oregon is maintaining a very lenient refund policy for 2020 Fall Camp and in coming weeks will take into account this and other official Advisories or Regulations.


Snow and Skiing notes....

With a massive November snow storm still in progress, Meissner has 1-2 feet on the ground (!) and Mt Bachelor has 3-4 feet on the ground (!!!). Early trail packing is underway at both Meissner and Mt Bachelor (although official "grooming" won't open at Meissner until December 1 and at Mt Bachelor opening day remains December 7 (first four days limited to season and 4-day pre-season pass holders).

Thanksgiving week forecast has more snow coming thru Wednesday (up to another 1.5 feet for Mt Bachelor!). Suffice it to say that we are looking really, really, really good on snow for Fall Camp at both venues!


Registration notes....

Registration remains open. Notable notes below.

Registration Note #1: We are still officially in wait list mode" for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, December 7-8-9-10. However, we do anticipate that we will have some out-of-state cancellations on those days. So If you would like to Camp any of those days, send an email ASAP (like right now) to jd at xcoregon dot org so we can let you know if/when space pops open. All other Camp days (Dec 3-6 at Meissner and Dec 11-12 at Mt Bachelor) are still open for new registration.

Registration Note #2: We have confirmed permission from the Deschutes National Forest (thank you USFS folks!!!) so we can run the Camp on the December 3-6 early dates at Meissner Sno-Park. Interested Campers can start signing up for those mornings immediately. Good space is available all four days. Please remember a few things about these "early days". First is that although mid-November snowfall has already provided a monster base compared to normal snow years, Meissner is a community trail system and has limited back-up equipment. So there is always a small chance of grooming issues. The good news is that the ski conditions are great at Meissner right now and look promising to remain so. Second thing to note is that Meissner grooming is a donation-based effort by a non-profit 501c3 that XC Oregon leaders have a long history of supporting. So all Campers on the early days will be expected (as a condition of your registration) to make a contribution to Meissner Nordic of at least $10 per Camp day. Basically that'll be a trail fee. It's a wicked good deal, feel the love. If you are local that is a season-long member of Meissner Nordic then we'll call that good for donations. Third and final note is that parking at Meissner doesn't required COVID-related reservations, but you do have to have an Oregon Sno-Park permit every morning you park (or a valid reciprocal state permit). State police do ticket so ye be warned on this.

If you know you want to attend Camp all or part of the dates now open, you are advised to jump on your registration as soon as possible. This year's Fall Camp will have some (maybe all) dates "sell out" much earlier than normal due to our 2020 Health & Safety capacity limits as well as likely limits on availability of coaches.


Parking notes for December 7-10 Mt Bachelor Camp Days....

Mt Bachelor opened up the Advance Parking Reservation system today. Some confirmed Campers were concerned because in short order at least one Camp day appears already as "filled" with parking reservations. This is only a temporary situation and XC Oregon has prepared a page full of notes that you should visit if you are thinking about taking one of our rapidly-filling spots in the Dec 11-12 range.

Official Mt Bachelor details on the mountain parking reservation process for 20/21 are found here....

XC Oregon does suggest that Campers already registered for any December 7-12 Camp days try and make parking reservations as soon as you can just to provide a level of reassurance. But if you cannot get a given day due to Advance spots filling, just wait until the "Week Of" window opens up (see our notes above) and you can get a spot then.


Keeping us all safe and healthy....

XC Oregon has dialed out a comprehensive virus mitigation strategy to maximize safety in the midst of the pandemic. Highlights....
--> 100% of the 2020 Camp will be outdoors, spaced, and face coverings required.
--> All video sessions and Camp talks will be on-line only.
--> Total numbers every day will be even smaller than our normal intimate Camp (best camper-to-coach ratio anywhere!).
--> Camp refund policies will be very generous and will totally reflect the realities of Fall 2020 for everyone.
--> All mid-session breaks, changing, and refreshments will entirely be up to campers in their own vehicles. Nordic Center only available for limited retail, rentals, and restrooms.
--> All campers will be required to complete transactions for trail passes at least the day prior to any Camp session. No daily passes will be sold at the mountain, on-line only.
--> All campers will be required to secure parking reservations from Mt Bachelor the day prior to any Camp session (more info on this prior to Mt B Camp days).
--> At our Meissner Nordic community system Camp days, there are separate "pass" and parking requirements for those early days.
--> The COCC Physiology Lab will not be operational this fall due to the pandemic restrictions.

Stay safe and see you soon!

-- For specific questions or more camp information: Email: [ jd at xcoregon dot org ].


Pictures from the 2009 Oregon Fall Camp provided by camper Neil Hunt.

Pictures from the 2005 Oregon Fall Camp provided by camper Neil Hunt.


Camp Schedule

For 2020 our plan is to offer On-Snow Coaching Sessions every morning from Thursday, December 3 until Saturday, December 12. Our typical on-snow session times are usually from 8:45am-noon (the schedule may vary up to 30-60 minutes on weekend days). Remember: With our camp YOU select the days you want to attend as long as space is available! Yes, you can schedule non-consecutive days.

If anyone is wondering -- yes -- we are intentionally ending the 2020 Camp on a Saturday and that is because traditionally the final Sunday in our past programs was always the lightest registration day as folks from out-of-town tended to travel home on the final Sunday.

Our traditional Fall Camp Training Lectures, Wax Clinics, & Video Review Socials will be entirely virtual or extraordinarily spaced (and outdoor) for 2020. We will wait until November to refine what will and will not take place factoring in state of Oregon restrictions and case loads. Our priority will be focused on maintaining the quality of outdoor ski sessions which we know well ahead of time we can physically space in fresh air (we just need official go-aheads).


Additional local events of note going on during the Fall Camp time period...

We'll let you know whenever we hear about something cool going on during the Camp. Stay tuned!


Basics About The Camp

The Oregon Fall Camp offers adult XC skiers an opportunity to take part in an affordable world-class ski education experience tailored to the specific needs and realities of master skiers. Our camp is idesigned to be much smaller and far more personalized than other camp/clinic programs you can find. Over the years, hundreds of adult skiers from "advanced beginner" to elite master have been sold on the Oregon Fall Camp's proven formula for delivering exactly what you are looking for in a fun and time-efficient design. We take great pride in saying that you will not find a better masters camp format in the XC world!

Camp participants since 2001 have raved about the innovative format and specific attention to their individual needs. For high performance types, past Camp attendees have gone on to record personal best results including top placings at major ski marathons, Masters World Cup, and the National Masters. Many other campers -- most with less racing-oriented goals -- have told us that they learned more in a few days with the Oregon Fall Camp than several years worth of clinics elsewhere.

Note: For true beginner skiers (skate or classic), the Oregon Fall Camp is happy to refer you to the excellent staff at the Mt Bachelor Nordic Center. Both private and group lessons are held daily (often at the same time the Camp is on the same trail system) making beginner lessons at the Center a great option for a spouse, child, or friend of a Fall Camp participant.


Camp Staff

The Camp Director and Founder is J.D. (John) Downing, Coach/Director of the XC Oregon non-profit, do-good-for-skiing program based in Bend -- also the National Director of the American XC Skiers (U.S. masters association) -- and founder/editor of xcskiworld.com website. Various local coaches and athletes (including many special guests with extraordinary ski credentials as well as elite XC Oregon athletes) are enlisted to help with coaching on different workouts. Every year our campers tell us how pleased they were with the coaches, the fun/welcoming atmosphere, and consistent help they received at the Fall Camp.


What Happens At The Camp?

Full mornings of on-snow sessions at the Mt Bachelor Nordic Center are supplemented by afternoon Bend-based wax clinics, evening training/fitness presentations, and (optional + added-cost) world-class physiology lab testing at Central Oregon Community College (pending staff availability). Each on-snow ski session uses a mix of group and individual feedback with video footage review included as often as is practical.

Widest time range for our on-snow sessions is typically from 8:45-noon. The time window typically includes a break for video/hot drinks on weekdays -- a shorter break is used on weekends due to crowds. Note that the on-snow session time is subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Mt Bachelor Nordic sits at a high point of 6,300 feet and offers very reliable early December snow conditions with 30+km of trails historically open the Thanksgiving week (and the snowpack lasting until June most years!).


Afternoon and Evening programs are held in Bend, Oregon at various locations. Every camper is welcome to attend any PM session you like throughout the entire camp. Note that the training lectures and wax clinics are duplicated so you can catch the exact same stuff no matter what day you can attend.

The Most Flexible Schedule Anywhere!
When you are ready to sign up, you should choose whichever combination and number of dates that suit your schedule (1-5 days, the choice is yours) -- plus your preference on technique for each day. If you sign up by mid-October, there will usually be no problem on availability of camp space -- but waiting longer may result in some days not being available.

What About A Choice Of Techniques?
We have found that 2/3rds of our typical campers only or mostly want to skate and thus we offer skate-only groups on nearly every day we are skiing. Specific days will be determined by the early fall for when we will offer full classic groups. If you only classic ski, you are welcome to attend any camp day -- but there is a chance you'll be working with a coach split between classic and skate technique skiers. We have found that we often have a bigger technical gap with different levels of classic skiers so your understanding is appreciated when we have no choice but to mix experience levels and/or techniques.


What's the deal with the optional Physiology Lab Test?


The optional Physiology Lab Test is an exceptional opportunity to get specific XC ski tests for wide age/ability levels. For out-of-area skiers, testing is a nice added-value to your camp experience in Bend both for motivated skiers as well as individuals keen to base their personal training/fitness plans around tested heart rate zones and lab data. Lab testing is only available on weekdays. If want to lab test and you are coming from out of the immediate area, it is ideal to try and arrive 1-2 days prior to when you'd like to start ski sessions so that you can get tested before you start skiing a bunch. If you are a local or live close enough to visit Bend a bunch every winter, you can set up a test anytime you want -- but note that if enough Campers test as part of a Camp "block", you'll be eligible for a discount if you are semi-close to December with your appointment.

We have now made things much simpler than past years and now have Campers set up your own day/time for testing directly with the Lab so the process can be faster and easier for everyone than past years. All the info you need is in this link.....



Camp Fees
IMPORTANT NOTES: The Fall Camp will not know the cost of trail fees at Mt Bachelor Nordic until probably early November. The prices below do NOT include the cost of trail fees. Once we have firm fees, we'll notify you as to what is owed as of your first camp day. If you are a "local" skier with a Mt Bachelor season pass you will not have to worry about added trail fees. Camp price does not include meals, lodging or transportation. All camp and lab test reservations made on a first-come, first-served basis.

FIVE DAY CAMP Package (any five days you choose)
(basic camp fee, see note above regarding extra cost of trail fees)
(optional) Physiology Lab Testing: $126.50-150 added fee depending on total number of testers.

FOUR DAY CAMP Package (any four days you choose)
(basic camp fee, see note above regarding extra cost of trail fees)
(optional) Physiology Lab Testing: $126.50-150 added fee depending on total number of testers.

THREE DAY CAMP Package (any three days you choose)
(basic camp fee, see note above regarding extra cost of trail fees)
(optional) Physiology Lab Testing: $126.50-150 added fee depending on total number of testers.

$70.00US per day
(basic camp fee, see note above regarding extra cost of trail fees)

Current members of the American Cross Country Skiers may deduct $10 from any registration price. Go to the special Registration Page for AXCS members here.

* TERMS & CONDITIONS: Fall Camp 2020 offers very liberal and generous refund policy to reflect the always uncertain nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. See the full terms on the Registration Page/

Fall Camp Registration

For more camp information: Email: [ jd at xcoregon dot org ] or call (541) 317-0217.


Even More Info About Various Camp Topics

Our camp structure allows most skiers to operate at their own pace 99% of the time, thus eliminating pressure for skiers to either "keep up with the top guys/gals" or waste time waiting for other folks to catch up (both common complaints at other camps/clinics you can find out there). We promise to keep you moving as much as possible while also maintaining the information flow -- specific to your needs -- in every session. We attempt to use video footage review in most on-snow sessions (weather and logistics permitting).

All on-snow sessions concentrate on application of specific technical elements combined with real world modeling of world-class skiers. Individual technical feedback is a huge part of the process at all times. Past participants will tell you that you'll come away with as much or more good (and applicable) information from the Oregon Fall Camp than any other XC ski camp you can find.


Is This Camp Right For My Level?
All participants will need to be in at least reasonable fitness and have at least average (at least high beginner to intermediate) technical abilities. You do not need to be a superstar racer to greatly benefit from this program! On the other hand, if you happen to be super fit and fast and motivated -- you simply aren't going to find a better opportunity to take your skiing to another level than the Oregon Fall Camp.

The only camper we can't work with (but are happy to refer to the excellent Mt Bachelor lesson folks) is a true beginner skier in either technique. The camp reserves the right to decide if you are unable to meet our necessary minimum skill levels and arrange group or private lessons with Mt Bachelor Nordic Center on your behalf using your camp fees.

The baseline to use for minimum skill level is whether you can safely ski "from point A to point B" over flat and uphill terrain at a reasonable speed. You also need to have at least basic skills to safely navigate an intermediate grade downhill on XC skis. All this in whatever technique you want to work on at the camp. You don't have to look pretty doing it and you don't have to be Johnny/Jane Rocket, but if you can do these basic things -- then you are probably just fine for our Camp. If you doubt your ability to these basics, there are options with the great Mt Bachelor Nordic staff for beginners.


Lab Testing


A unique and totally optional (+ added cost) element to the Oregon Fall Camp is the chance to get ski-specific physiology testing at the Central Oregon Community College lab. The testing includes lactate zones, body comp, and VO2max values.

The ski specific lab test involves skiwalking on a treadmill at progressively higher speeds with special Nordic poles provided by the lab. Tiny blood samples are gathered about a half dozen times from the tips of a couple fingers. You use normal dryland clothing for this test and are not required to bring anything special or make any special preparations except being well-rested. The lab staff is very used to guiding novice folks thru the test and the whole thing is over with in about a half hour. A cycling-specific test can also be arranged for campers that would rather test on a bike (you will need to bring or rent a performance bike). When possible, it is very much recommended that skiers try and get to Bend such that you can test the day before your actual camp format begins (example: arrive on Tuesday for a Weds-Sun camp). Having fresh legs gives you the most accurate test results.


Evening and Afternoon Programs


Evening and afternoon programs will be held on Bend's westside. These programs are specifically designed to help adult skiers with jobs, kids, limited snowtime, etc. juggle all the challenges in your life and still get outstanding results out of your skiing.

The Fall Camp also organizes wax clinics on designated afternoons. When a local ski race meshes with the Camp schedule we try and build the wax clinic into race prep for campers wishing to race.

We also schedule no-host social events at westside Bend establishments to interact socially with campers often bringing along special video footage to view at the same time.


Additional Stuff To Know

The outdoor recreation capital of the Pacific Northwest...Bend is located on the east side of the Cascade mountain range in very nearly the center of Oregon. The mountains above Bend, Oregon typically offer one of the earliest, longest, and most consistent ski seasons in North America with Mt. Bachelor's Nordic Center typically opening the week before Thanksgiving weekend. We anticipate up to 30-40 kilometers of trails will be available at Mt. Bachelor, groomed daily by snowcat for both classic and skating at the 5,900-6,300ft. elevation.

Within a few hours of Bend are many other popular visitor destinations including Smith Rocks, Crater Lake National Park, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, the Columbia River Gorge, Steens Mountain, and the Oregon Coast.


Please Note: Transportation is not included in the camp package.

What about flying to the camp?: The Redmond/Bend Airport (RDM) is located 20-25 minutes from downtown Bend and serves Central Oregon with daily direct connections from Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle with four airlines...American, Delta, United, and Horizon/Alaska Airlines. Folks from the northeast and midwest can get to Redmond/Bend in as little as two flights and in as little as a half day of travel time. Returning home takes a bit longer on the clock due to losing 1-3 hours due to various time zones. RDM is a reliable regional airport with weather rarely impacting local flights. Short periods of winter fog are the only rare problem which, worst case, require a last-second ground shuttle up to Portland. Car rental companies Budget, Hertz, National, and Avis all have offices in the Redmond/Bend airport.

What about flying into Portland?
The Portland (PDX) airport has loads of daily connections from throughout North America and is a 3+ hour drive from Bend. Flights can be cheaper into PDX or not much different than Redmond/Bend -- it just depends on when you buy and from whom. Portland is very reliable with winter weather for flying. However, the drive time plus driving conditions is something you need to keep in mind as you will have to cross a 4,000ft+ mountain pass on a 3+ hour drive to get to Bend. Given the timing of the Fall Camp, chains or all-wheel drive is a consideration with any car rental.

What about driving to Bend?
Mileage Chart - Driving Distances to Bend
175 miles or 282km SE of Portland, Oregon
130 miles or 209km SE Salem, Oregon
121 miles or 195km NE of Eugene, Oregon
500 miles or 805km NE of San Francisco, California
330 miles or 531km W of Boise, Idaho
343 miles or 552km SE of Seattle, Washington
394 miles or 245km N of Reno, Nevada

What about getting to skiing?
Drive time from westside Bend lodging locations to skiing will vary from 15-30 minutes, one way, depending on where you stay. Although Mt Bachelor does offer a low cost daily ski bus service from a westside Bend portal, it may not be the most convenient option for most campers. Having a car or carpool with other campers is pretty much a necessity. The Fall Camp does not provide ground transportation. The schedule for all on-snow sessions are always subject to change due to weather and snow conditions.


Lodging is not included in the camp package

The west side of Bend features several lodging options to suit any budget. NOTE: If researching your own lodging options not shown here, be aware that the shortest access to skiing is via the west side of Bend and all our PM in-town sessions are located in downtown or the westside of Bend. Make sure to ask any lodging option not featured on this list exactly how long it takes to drive to Mt. Bachelor.

A ton of additional lodging options plus loads of other visitor info for the Bend area can be found on the Visit Bend website.

TownePlace Suites Marriott is located at the Century Drive (14th Street) and Colorado roundabout. Kitchenettes are available with two major grocery stores a short walk away. Breakfast is complimentary each morning, along with a 24 hour fitness room and complimentary Wi-Fi. SPECIAL NOTE: The Oregon Fall Camp is once again happy to offer special rates for this property! These special rates will only be good for reservations made by November 20, 2019. Any camp attendee who would like to make a reservation just use the link above or call the hotel directly at 541-382-5006 and mention “XC Ski Oregon Fall Camp”

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott This newly renovated hotel is very close to the north side of downtown Bend so an additional 5-10 minutes drive than the Townplace up to the mountain (the trade-off being easy walking distance into downtown). Breakfast is complimentary each morning, along with a 24 hour fitness room and complimentary Wi-Fi. Call 541-318-1747 for Hotel Front Desk Reservations.

Springhill Suites Bend ... Our new Bend, OR hotel is located in the heart of the Old Mill District and is adjacent to the Les Schwab Amphitheater. One of Marriott’s premier hotels in Bend is a quick drive from the many activities on the Cascade Mountains, including Mount Bachelor.

Hampton Inn Mill District located across the river from the Mill District retail/dining/entertainment area. Easy walking to tons of shops, a half dozen eating locations, and a movie complex. About a mile to a grocery store. Quick access to mountain highway. Breakfast is complimentary.

Best Western Premier Peppertree Inn at Bend... 541-389-8800 ... a brand new large hotel located at the last west Bend roundabout (Mt Washington Drive) before you head up to Mt Bachelor. Short drive or walking distance from grocery, restaurants, Mill District entertainment.

Hilton Garden Inn... 541-617-6111 ...very nice hotel overlooking the popular Mill District retail/dining/entertainment area in Bend along the river just south of the downtown core. Easy walking to tons of shops, a half dozen eating locations, and a movie complex. About a mile to a grocery store. Quick access to mountain highway.

The Oxford Hotel ... (877) 440-8436 ...located in the heart of downtown Bend Oregon. Bend's only boutique hotel, offering amenities and luxuries you simply won't find anywhere else in town. Easy walking to loads of shopping, restaurants, brew pubs, art galleries.

DoubleTree by Hilton ... 541-317-9292...located in the heart of downtown Bend Oregon. All-suite hotel offers a complimentary breakfast buffet & complimentary wireless internet access throughout the Hotel. Easy walking to loads of shopping, restaurants, brew pubs, art galleries.

The Seventh Mountain Resort... 541-306-7433...closest location to skiing, located roughly 4 miles from the main edge of westside Bend up the Cascade Lakes Highway; various sizes of suites and condos; on-site resaurant; the trade-off is the location requires a 5-10 minute drive into town for grocery trips, downtown fun, evening sessions, etc..

Loge Entrada ... 541.382.4080...clean, quiet, totally remodeled lodge and hostel located one mile from Bend's western edge on the way up to Mt. Bachelor (cuts a few minutes off your drive up/down); 5 minute drive to grocery store or Mill District, 8 mins to downtown Bend

A Stone's Throw Bungalow Vacation Rentals ... 541-241-6676 ... Features a mix of modern and historic homes of all sizes in downtown and westside Bend. All homes are within 10 blocks of downtown. Great last minute rates. email: Reservations@AStonesThrowBungalow.com

Bend Vacation Rentals... 541-385-9492... features great deals on rental homes for several skiers traveling together and all of our rentals are on the West Side of Bend with one house on the SE side.
email: info@bendvacationrentals.com
website: bendvacationrentals.com

Lavabelles Vacation Rentals... 541.497.3242 or 888.820.5084...features a unique collection of historic homes located in Downtown Bend, across from McMenamins, and the near Westside.
email: lavabelles@gmail.com
website: lavabelles.com

Vacation Rentals in Bend Oregon… 541-306-7433…Condominiums located at the Seventh Mountain Resort the closest resort to Mount Bachelor. The Seventh Mountain Resort, formally called The Inn of the Seventh Mountain has swimming pools, hot tubs, sauna, skating rink, restaurants, conference center, business center, and many other activities. Participants in this event receive 10% off our advertised price when you mention this "ad".

Mt. Bachelor Village Resort ... condos and suites (all sizes), 800.452.9846... located above Deschutes River on Bend's west side... quick access to Bend Athletic Club, Mill District, grocery stores.

Rainbow Motel... 888.529.2877 ...clean, quiet motel located in the "midtown" area; not in the fanciest area of town, but very affordable and safe; short walk to grocery or downtown.

For more camp information:
Email: [ jd at xcoregon dot org ] or call (541) 317-0217.