2020 Fall Camp Daily Updates

Last Update: Friday, Dec 18 -- 12:21pm

--> Scroll to the bottom of this page for Zoom video review recordings of all 10 Camp sessions.

--> Below please find some useful resources on waxing and the lecture notes from our customary Fall Camp talk on Nordic training and fitness.

Liquid Paraffin Application for general skiing (Toko U.S.) -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8PlI0uzSY4

Liquid Paraffin Application for competition (Toko U.S.) -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGzyRQZdU6Y

Basic Glide Waxing Application (Boulder Nordic Sport) -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsJ6FkIYEZI

XC Ski Fitness “Lecture” Notes (Oregon Fall Camp presentation in non-pandemic years) -- https://xcoregon.org/sites/default/files/attachments/Fall%20Camp%20Lectu...

--> Thanks for a great Camp everyone!

--> Thank you to all our our amazing coaching staff for another incredible Oregon Fall Camp! Despite all odds in 2020, XC Oregon was pleased to pull off a very safe premier ski education experience and do so exactly on our planned dates -- still somewhat in shock about how fortunate we were on snow, weather, and overall health with everyone involved. Special thank you to the Meissner Nordic Board, the Meissner groomers, and head of Ops for the club Larry Katz for their amazing care of the Meissner trails. Big thank you to the Deschutes National Forest for the special use permit allowing the scheduled first four days of the Camp to take place at Meissner. As always, huge thank you to Sue Foster and the staff at the Mt Bachelor Nordic Center for everything they are doing in this crazy time.



(note about passcodes, Zoom might not like if you copy-paste, so you might need to manually type each character in)

--> Recording of Saturday, December 12 Video Review
e+XE1%rp https://zoom.us/rec/share/Gm_XabDtd1Yq6HWSQkt8CGL6nIPB2h0TNG2zukm9OCqqr-...
Passcode: e+XE1%rp

--> Recording of Friday, December 11 Video Review
Passcode: 9*xJTMc%

--> Recording of Thursday, December 10 Video Review
Passcode: [email protected]

--> Recording of Wednesday, December 9 Video Review
Passcode: 24r%L&jY

--> Recording of Tuesday, December 8 Video Review
Passcode: 1s0aG!RW

--> Recording of Monday, December 7 Video Review
Passcode: *1YW07&5

--> Recording of Sunday, December 6 Video Review
Passcode: $nG95x7*

--> Recording of Saturday, December 5 Video Review
Passcode: FO1Bd1v&

--> Recording of Friday, December 4 Video Review
Passcode: #[email protected]

--> Recording of Thursday, December 3 Video Review
Passcode: eArQ66.6