XC Oregon H.S. Invitational

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XC Oregon High School XC Ski Invitational

Date: Saturday, late January 2025

Location: Mt Bachelor Nordic Center

First Race Start: 11am

Latest Update:  Tuesday, January 23, 2024
The 2024 XC Oregon High School XC Ski Invitational was again a huge success thanks to the many volunteers, coaches, parent supporters, and awesome athletes involved. We look forward to January 2025 for the next edition of this great event!

Start lists can be found here the days prior to the Invite


Event Maps

5km Individual Course (and Relay Cut-offs)

Individual Race Stadium Map

Relay Stadium Map


Essential Event Information & Schedule For Coaches

Countdown Items for Coaches & Teams


Every racer and every coach issued a trail pass that does not already have a Mt Bachelor Season Pass OR has not signed a waiver for the Dec 13 or Jan 6 OISRAN races this season -- needs to complete a Mt Bachelor 23/24 Season Liability Waiver to be issued passes for the Invitational.

The waiver can be found on the Mt Bachelor web store. https://shop.mtbachelor.com/

If you do not have a way to log on already you will need to create a new profile. Select "My Account" then "Waivers" and then "Mt Bachelor Waiver 23-24". Racer's parents or coaches can fill the waiver out.  

Troubleshooting tips....

-> When you are in "My Account", on the side bar click "customer info".

-> Scroll down under the box that has your name.

-> There should be a dotted outline box that you can click on that says "+Add Member".

-> Proceed from there to add your family members or anyone you can legally sign for.

-> Then click on waivers on the side bar and you should see a choice to sign waiver for person(s) you added.

The waiver requirement will create a little extra organizational work for everyone... but completing the waivers online in advance of race day will be much more efficient than trying to complete waivers on race day!!!!!  These waivers will also cover the 2024 State Meet!!!


--> Out-of-area teams please be advised that the Mt Bachelor West Village parking lot will tend to get full the later you arrive. This is especially true if the weather is nice. So even with the relatively comfortable race start time, your team will need to plan your travel around not only driving conditions, but also potential crowded roads on the last leg up to Mt Bachelor from the Bend city limits. Worst case scenario in the mid-morning is some parents may need to drop off athletes and then wait for West Village spaces to open or use alternative parking.


--> We will be using sequential bibs for all competitors. All coaches and athletes are reminded that it is critical to return your bibs immediately after race finish. All coaches please make sure all DNS bibs are returned to the stadium timing hut no later than 10:45am (timers can then make a note of DNS skiers).


--> All coaches will be sent seeding information with seeds due by Wednesday evening at 6pm. Please send word if any team does not get that information the week prior to the Invite.


--> Coaches will note that the draft Start List will be in the following order: boys seed 1, girls seed 1, boys seed 2, girls seed 2, then it’s the boys 3-4 seeds, girls 3-4, boys 5-6, girls 5-6, and all 7 seeds. This mixed seeding is intended to offer a smooth race experience for skiers. NL/MHL coaches please note we are using 20 second intervals.


--> Coaches are welcome to assign "seed 7" skiers a short course that will simply have them turning off the main route and skiing straight up Emil's Clearing to change to cut off roughly 2km of distance. Coaches need to mark "SC" on the seeding sheet to designate which athletes will be using this option. These athletes will be put into a separate result list and also will be designated on the start list so our course monitor at that location knows which athletes during the race should be allowed to use the short course option.


--> Starting at 9:00am coaches will find an Invite check-in table to the right side of the Nordic Center as you walk up (between Center and brick pump house). Teams will be given bags of your team bibs. Trail passes for all skiers will be the race bib. Season pass athletes can also just use your season pass. A limited number of free coach passes will be provided to team leaders. All athletes and all coaches must have a bib or trail pass to enter the Mt Bachelor Nordic system -- no exceptions. If you know at check-in about certain DNS skiers in your team, please inform the check-in table volunteers. This will greatly help clean up the timing effort!


--> Volunteers check-in at the event table for complimentary trail tickets whether you are on skis/snowshoes or on foot. See event schedule below for time and location of Stadium Crew and Course Monitor meetings respectively.


--> All spectators on skis must have a trail pass to enter the Mt Bachelor Nordic system. Spectators should purchase tickets at the Nordic Center pass booth. Spectators walking from pass gate to stadium should arrange for a Common Corridor free pass  and then please follow only the marked and designated route for on-foot spectators from pass gate to the race stadium. 


--> There will be a brief coaches meeting at 10:30am outside the last course curve fencing (stadium end nearest Nordic Center) & below the announcing booth.


--> We will have Live Timing for this event on-line.  


--> Immediately after we have all individual skiers across the finish line, we will have a very, very short Top 10 Individuals awards ceremony below the announcing booth. Estimated time is 1:00pm.


--> Immediately after the very brief awards ceremony, we will start a 5-10 minute countdown for the girls relay. Boys relay will follow immediately after the girls relay. Hoped-for girls relay start time is 1:15-20pm. Hoped-for boys relay start is 1:35-40pm.


--> The relay is optional for all teams so any team is welcome to depart after the awards. Coaches should pick up bibs for your relay teams at the Timing Hut before the end of the individual race. All schools are allowed a maximum of three relay teams per gender. Due to limited space on the relay course, there will not be provisional relay teams.


--> Any medical needs or emergencies should be reported to either Mt Bachelor Ski Patrol or the volunteer OISRAN medical volunteers at the finish area.


Trail Passes

XC Oregon with additional support from the Oregon Nordic Ski Foundation will once again sponsor 100% of all Invite trail and race fees for all athletes. All official coaches and official volunteers for the Invite will have complimentary guest passes provided by Mt Bachelor Nordic Center. Volunteers on foot will only be allowed to walk on a specific route to the start/finish area.

Trail pass packets will be available for coaches to pick up on Saturday morning starting at 9am at the Invite check-in table. Racers use your race bib as your trail pass. There will be a sticker ticket for each coach. 

Teams need to submit a separate list of OISRAN certified or helper coaches without season passes no later than Thursday AM to the OISRAN contact person.

IMPORTANT FOR ALL TEAMS TO COMPLETE BY FRIDAY NIGHT:   Every racer and every coach issued a trail pass that does not already have a Mt Bachelor Nordic Season Pass needs to complete a Mt BachelorSeason Liability Waiver. The waiver can be found on the Mt Bachelor web store. https://shop.mtbachelor.com/

Create a new profile, or log-in to existing profile. Select "My Account" then "Waivers" and then "Mt Bachelor Waiver". Racer's parents or coaches can fill the waiver out.  The waiver situation will create a little extra organizational work for everyone... but completing the waivers online in advance of race day will be much more efficient than trying to complete waivers on race day!!!!!


Invite Schedule

11:00am mixed gender interval start with fastest to slower athletes seeded by coaches

Event Program: 5km individual.....freestyle technique.....20 second interval start.....an optional & low-key 3 x 1km freestyle relay (one girls relay, one boys relay) will follow individual race awards.

Note: Relay will not take place if weather is bad or scheduled delayed for any reason.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTRATION:  A link to the seeding Google sheet will be sent out to all team representatives early in the race week. Deadline for entries/seeds for the race will most likely be set for Wednesday evening prior to race day -- but this will be confirmed. Any questions,  contact Race Registrar: Jinny Martin: [email protected]; 541-389-2849


The Invitational is a registered OISRAN event and official state qualifier for Mt Hood, Northern, and Southern Nordic Leagues. Guest racers who are not registered as full-season OISRAN racers are welcome to participate. All guest racer fees will be paid by the XC Oregon sponsorship.

Event Sponsor and Supplemental Production:
The XC Oregon 501.c.3 non-profit.


Detailed Schedule & Format Logistics:

8:30am-9:45am: Stadium and Course Set-up

10:15am: Course Monitor Meeting @ just below Announcing "perch" at the Nordic Center (northwest) end of stadium.

10:30am: Start/Finish/Timing Volunteer Meeting (15 mins) @ Finish area

10:30am: Coaches Meeting (5 mins) @ just below Announcing "perch" at the Nordic Center (northwest) end of stadium.

11:00am -- 5km individual FREESTYLE,  interval 20 second starts, mixed seeds of boys and girls.

Approximately 1:00pm -- Individual Awards Ceremony in stadium area (please all teams attend, will be very short)

Approximately 1:15-2pm -- 3 x 1km relays (2 races run to completion: girls relay & boys relay). Each race should take roughly 15-20mins with minimal break in between to organize next start.

Individual Race Format Logistics:
-- All skiers will ski the same 5km course.
-- Individual interval start, 1 skier @ 20 second intervals for both girls and boys.
-- The top ten finishers for girls and boys races will receive awards. Short award ceremony will ideally take place BEFORE the relay so teams that need to hit the road can do so.

Relay Format Logistics:
-- The relay is completely optional and low-key. Any school that wishes to begin travel home after the individual awards -- please free to head out!
-- 2 separate relay races will be held -- 1 girls relay and 1 boys relay.
-- Relay consists of 3 skiers each skiing a roughly 1km loop.
-- Schools are allowed up to 3 teams per gender.
-- Schools are allowed 1 team on the first row assuming space is available.
-- No relay awards will be provided


Other Resources 

Archived Past Invite Results on OISRAN.org

Any questions please email jd at xcoregon dot org