Spring Camp Checklist

This page is intended to summarize important need-to-know items for registered Oregon Spring Camp participants. If you have not already registered for our latest Camp, please go to the Camp info page to get registered.


Camp Video Virtual Review Sessions

Day Six (April 10) Video Review:  (recording below)


Passcode: ?C+E63bZ


Day Five (April 9) Video Review:  (recording below)


Passcode: wR&@H6+t


Day Four (April 8) Video Review:  (recording below)


Passcode: Ynf9p!RF



At The Bottom Of This Page we will post classic technique assignments for each morning a day or two ahead of all Camp days. Please scroll down to the bottom.
Note: Multiple Campers gave the Camp discretion to assign your classic days and then other Campers picked days to classic so we have balanced the groups. It will really-really-really help if folks stick with your original technique plan because the entire puzzle can fall apart on a given day when we move even just one skier between techniques. 


What do I need to do before any 2022 Spring Camp session?

Item #1 -- Camp Paperwork!
If you already sent your Waiver via email, you get a gold star!

If you have NOT done this yet -- you need to get on this before your first Camp day. PLEASE do not wait until the last second as it can be stressful for Camp Administration (and no one wants that to happen -- right?!).

For 2022 there is just one paperwork item we need every Camper to fill out -- the Spring Camp Waiver

You can scan a signed copy or take a smart phone picture and email that to jd at xcoregon dot org .... please just put your name + Camp forms in the subject line.

Worst case you can bring paper signed copies to your first Camp session (but we really, really, really prefer to be contactless plus paper is a pain out on the snow!).


Item #2 -- Venue Parking Details & Trail Passes

Mt Bachelor does not have any parking reservation requirements for Spring Camp so you just drive up and park in the West Village lot (last parking lot on the Cascade Lakes Highway before you hit snowbanks -- literally the end of the road).

All Campers do need to remember to arrange your trail passes BEFORE your first Camp morning. Please remember that your Camp fees did not include trail passes.

It is best to make that purchase on-line beforehand as it will greatly speed up your Camp mornings. You can do this at the Mt Bachelor website....


When and where do we meet for any Spring Camp on-snow session?

WHEN: Spring Camp Meeting Times: We meet at 8:45am sharp each morning.

WHERE: We will meet on our skis directly below the Nordic Center pass entrance gate in what locals call "the Nordic Bowl". To get to the Bowl, you ski down a short downhill about 50 meters from the Nordic Center check-in gate. Look for XC Oregon coaches (we tend to be pretty obvious).

--> Note that it will take you a few minutes ahead of our meeting time to put on your gear, go thru the pass gate, and ski down the hill. PLEASE build in enough time to your morning drive that you account for the time it will take to do everything and meet the group promptly at 8:45am. 

--> If you are late and we have left the Bowl already, go directly to "the Nordic Oval" (ask the gate attendant on duty for directions). If really late (> 10 minutes), you have to find a Camp group (which may or may not be easy). The Camp will not issue a refund and it is very unlikely we can reschedule you for any Camper that misses our daily start times. We've based all coaches, insurance, etc. around you being there on that precise morning so there are sunk costs for our non-profit. Ye be warned.


What about any Camp afternoon dryland sessions?

We will figure these out for each day based on weather forecasts, venue availability, and Camper interest. This will often be a day-of or day-before schedule process. An email will go out to the full Camp list the night prior when possible and otherwise announced at each Camp morning. Any Camper can attend the afternoon sessions even if you aren't on-snow with us that particular morning.


Other Camp Notes

--> The most important part of our on-going XC Oregon Camps COVID Safety Plan is that all Campers understand that we are depending on all Campers to "opt out" of Camp on any day that you wake up feeling unwell with symptoms related to COVID-19. Similarly if you know you have been potentially exposed to a positive case of COVID-19. The Camp will refund your fees for days you don't attend due to health safety. The health of all your fellow Campers and XC Oregon coaches depends on all of us following COVID-safe protocols!

--> Each Camp morning we will wrap-up with helper coaches by 11:45am. A few groups will need to stay a bit longer to get video shots done assuming you wish to do so (totally optional).

--> Campers are advised to bring beverages and snacks for yourself to enjoy in your private car during the 10-15 minute break your group will take at the halfway point of each morning. Before and after each Camp session you should plan on operating entirely out of your car. There will not be any indoor area to wait in or change in. The Nordic Center is not selling any food/drink for the remainder of the season.

--> Mt Bachelor Nordic Center will have access to restrooms, rentals, and a small retail area -- but no changing or hang-out space inside. There is a deck available outside for nice weather days.

--> Each Camp morning we will attempt to take video shots of each Camper. Every Camp afternoon or evening we will attempt to offer a Zoom meeting to review the video footage (exact times will vary and will be TBD each Camp day). We will record the Zoom meeting so you can watch at another time using a pass code. DISCLAIMER: Video and especially the Zoom review is a multi-step process where a lot of things can go wrong. XC Oregon asks in advance for your patience and understanding from all Campers if on any given day the video review doesn't happen or goes awry.

--> Out-of-area campers always ask about places to glide wax for out-of-town skiers. The short answer is that you need to come prepared with your own waxing gear or you need to utilize the services of our two XC Oregon-partnered performance shops (Sunnyside Sports or Webcyclery -- look at our sponsor logos on the left side of this page for links). Neither Mt Bachelor nor hotels or nor shops will have public wax gear for use this year.


Daily Classic Campers

Tuesday, 5th
All advanced Campers encouraged to classic this day. But it's OK to skate if that's all you do.

Wednesday, 6th
All advanced Campers encouraged to skate this day. But it's OK to classic if that's all you do.

Thursday, 7th
Karla S, Theresa R, Darla M, Stacey G, Julie T, Janey P, Mike G, Dave B

Friday, 8th
Dave B, Brian H, Wally D, Dylan M, Mike G, Randy B  

Saturday, 9th
Nancy S, Kathi A, Randy B, Mattie T, Brian H

Sunday, 10th
TBD -- prefer to almost everyone skating unless several (2-4) of you really want to switch to classic as a cluster.