Oregon Spring Camp Registration

A Couple Items To Note Before You Register For The 2021 Oregon Spring Camp

1.) As anticipated, we are selling out many or most Spring Camp days. For COVID-safety, we have limited our Camp capacity and in the spring we always have limited coach availability because many of the best coaches run off to do other gigs that are shockingly not on snow (slackers!). XC Oregon will attempt to keep our website updated regarding sold out days -- but it is possible some folks may register for a given Camp day before we get a sold out notice posted. To make sure we have everyone on the same page with space available, we request that all prospective campers send an email to the Camp -- jd at xcoregon dot org -- and ask about space for specific days. We'll try and get back to you within 24 hours if space is left. You can then process registration payment.


2.) For all 2021 Oregon Spring Camp days at Mt Bachelor, every car entering the Mt Bachelor parking lot needs a free parking reservation that you arrange on-line ahead of time. Because mountain traffic in mid-April is a fraction of the crowds of the mid-winter, the Camp does not anticipate getting reservations will be difficult. It is probable that reservation space will remain open for Spring Camp days until the morning of each day (but it's not wise to wait until the last second just in case you run into a snag processing things on-line or there's some weird restriction on space available).

The best suggestion for skiers from out of town is to go ahead and "reserve" parking for all days you intend to participate in the Spring Camp at the time that you process your Camp registration. That way you have it done. Locals can probably wait until you are within one week if you don't want to take up a portion of your long-term reservation days. But locals should note that the weekend days could be weird with space available so maybe don't wait forever. The mountain parking page is here.....


3.) Trail fees are NOT included in the price of Camp packages below. Mt Bachelor season pass holders do not need to worry about getting a daily pass for the 2021 Spring Camp days. If you do not have a season pass, often Mt Bachelor offers discounts on late season passes so it is wise to hold off on buying your daily ski tickets until we are a couple weeks away from the Camp. This also provides a measure of protection for Campers on the sunk cost of trail fees if we run into any last minute pandemic-related snags.


4.) With the pandemic situation improving, but still anticipated to be a serious public health crisis in April, the 2021 Spring Camp requires every Camper to sign not only the standard Camp Waiver, but also sign a Health & Safety Agreement that outlines the steps we all have to take together to keep each other safe out on the snow. Thank you in advance to all Campers for understanding the essential nature of this paperwork towards still being able to offer the Camp program at this time.


REGISTRATION STEP ONE (in two parts!) -- Pay on-line with a credit card via PayPal AND ALSO SEND AN EMAIL TO CONFIRM YOUR CAMP INFO.

With on-line payment button below, the Camp will automatically get a confirmation of your payment, the number of days of your registration, and your mailing/email address contact info -- but please note that we also need you to send a SEPARATE EMAIL to jd at xcoregon dot org telling us exactly which exact days you wish to attend plus any technique preference for each of those days. Example of what we need in a separate email: Bob Jones...Dec 5, 6, 7..."all skate" or "classic Tuesday + skate Wednesday/Friday". If you can figure it out, you can also add that info to your PayPal order underneath the email space where it says "Add special instructions to the seller" -- but a separate email to jd at xcoregon dot org works best for most folks.

Note Just For Current AXCS Members: If you are a current (as of both when you register and the current year's Camp dates) member of the American XC Skiers masters association, please go to this page to get special registration instructions for AXCS members in order to save $10 (exclusive discount!) on any Camp package.

Camp Registration Fees (trail fees extra)


REGISTRATION STEP TWO -- Complete and sign both the Spring Camp Waiver and 2021 Spring Camp Health & Safety Agreement. Both these documents (Health form we just need your signature page) must be signed, scanned or photographed, and emailed to jd at xcoregon dot org prior to your first Camp morning as a firm requirement for participation.

Spring Camp Waiver

Spring Camp Health & Safety Agreement


Spring 2021 Camp Refund Policies:

--> 100% payment is due at time of registration. No Camp spots will be held without full payment.

--> Up until 5pm PST, April 9, full refund less $1 non-refundable PayPal processing fees will be granted for any Camp registration and for any reason. Just send an email to to jd at xcoregon dot org by the deadline and we'll get it done. After the April 9 deadline, all registrations are non-refundable for any reason except cancellation or postponement of Fall Camp days -- or -- Health & Safety reasons as listed below.

--> As a condition of Camp registration, all Campers are required to agree to the 2021 Spring Camp Health & Safety Agreement in addition to the general Spring Camp waiver. Within the Health & Safety Agreement, all Campers agree that they will not attend any Camp session if feeling any cold/flu symptoms and/or any symptoms of concern specifically related to COVID-19 as listed on the CDC and/or Oregon Health Authority (OHA) websites. Campers also agree that they will not attend any Camp session within a recommended quarantine time period after a positive test for COVID-19 or potential exposure to COVID-19. In all these eligible Health & Safety situations, a full refund will be returned to the Camper less a required $1-3 non-refundable PayPal processing fee. Refunds for eligible Health & Safety situations will be granted regardless of timing (we would love to hear from you as soon as possible, but if you display suspicious symptoms suddenly the morning of a Camp day -- yes, you are fully eligible for refund). In situations where a given Camper has to cancel Camp participation due to eligible Health & Safety reasons, same-household living partners also registered for Fall Camp days are also eligible for refunds less $1-3 PayPal fees.

--> The 2021 Spring Camp Health & Safety refund policies are very generous, but Camp and community health and safety is worth it. The non-profit XC Oregon 501c3 organization does request that all Campers acknowledge that we are depending on the honesty of our participants to only apply for Health & Safety refunds with eligible situations. Thank you in advance to every Camper on this point.

--> Refunds or credits will be issued less a required $1-3 non-refundable PayPal processing fee to all impacted Campers if any 2021 Spring Camp days are cancelled or postponed for any reason (health/pandemic-related, mountain closure, extreme weather situations, lack of snow, etc.). Campers will be required by the Camp to provide your choice of either eligible refund or credit to postponed dates. Note that a "cancelled" or "postponed" Camp day refers only to a day where planned Camp on-snow sessions do not take place and the Camp notifies all Campers registered for that day that on-snow sessions are officially cancelled or postponed. Campers electing not to attend on a scheduled date that the Camp goes forward are not eligible for refund or credit without prior agreement by the Camp.