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The Friends Of XC Oregon patron program allows individual adult skiers to become a vital part of the XC Oregon program at a financial commitment that meets your needs and interests. Donations above and beyond stated quid pro quo values (as required by the Internal Revenue Service for contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations) are eligible as tax-deductions. Financial resources raised by the Friends program annually helps the non-profit organize and fund our impressive array of skier programs, community outreach efforts, and grants to worthwhile outdoor recreation projects.

We invite any interested individual to contact XC Oregon any time of year for more information!


Who are "Friends Of XC Oregon"?

Any individual, couple, family, or business that donates at monetary levels defined below to the XC Oregon program over a fiscal year (June 1 - May 31) are considered a Friend of XC Oregon. We have three primary donation categories and a newer "secondary" option all of which we assign different annual benefit schedules (listed below). XC Oregon is very realistic about why any individual donates to any charitable cause. Thus, our preference is to have wide donation ranges with a fantastic array of benefits -- and let our donors (our Friends) decide how much they feel comfortable donating in any given year.

Our donors vary quite a bit in their rationale for supporting XC Oregon. For some it is supporting all the great things we do to support and promote skiing in the Pacific NW (with a heavy focus on Oregon). Other donors are focused on their own goals and are excited about the unique benefits attached to being a XC Oregon donor. No matter what the motivation or interest, all our Friends of XC Oregon are considered part of the worldwide XC Oregon "family"!

Note: For potential donors mostly focused on the training and coaching benefits of the Friends program, note that XC Oregon Coach/Director J.D. Downing is also the National Director of American XC Skiers (the USA national masters association for XC skiing). This interesting dual role has given J.D. a perspective and experience level specific to the needs of masters that is unmatched in the ski world.

With each donor, XC Oregon will annually provide an estimate on the “quid pro quo” value of any services or benefits received by the donor as a result of the donation to XC Oregon (as per IRS requirements for 501c3 non-profit organizations). These valuations may vary greatly based on the timing and amount of each donation as well as the desired services or benefits of the donor. Each donor can then summarize in your tax materials how much of any donation is eligible for charitable tax deductions.


"Limited" Friends of XC Oregon
(Donations of $150 per fiscal year, June 1 -May 31 )

"Limited" Friends is a newer option where we offer a choice of one (1) of two of our Friends benefits. One way to think of this option is an "Ala carte" menu option.

As a "Limited" Friend you can select one (1) of the following Friends benefits per year...

-> Annual XC Oregon Friends training plan and updates (digital versions). For 5 or more people in the same training group, donations at $100 per person/per year qualify for this benefit.

-- OR --

-> Notification Invitations for XC Oregon team workouts (*scroll down for workout specific notable notes).


Home Friends of XC Oregon
(Donations of at least $300 per fiscal year, June 1 - May 31)

Home Friends Benefits:
-- Notification Invitations (*see below) for XC Oregon team workouts (year-round);
-- Annual XC Oregon Friends training plan and updates (digital versions);
-- 25% discount at XC Oregon Fall/Spring Camps during the "donation year". Note: Camp discount does not apply to trail or lab fees. Home Friends discount also is limited to one person per donation.);
-- Exclusive and discounted opportunities to purchase special XC Oregon team gear items;
-- Other benefits possible on a case-by-case basis.

National Friends of XC Oregon
(Donations of at least $600 per fiscal year, June 1 - May 31)

National Friends Benefits:
-- All "Home Friends" benefits listed;
-- Option to schedule sit-down meetings to discuss and develop personalized training plan (2 per year);
-- Your choice of one family member per donation receiving a 55% discount at XC Oregon Fall/Spring Camps or two family members per donation receiving a 30% discount (each) at XC Oregon Fall/Spring Camps during the "donation year". Note: Camp discount does not apply to trail or lab fees.;
-- Other benefits possible on a case-by-case basis.

Global Friends of XC Oregon
(Donations of $1,000+ per fiscal year, June 1 - May 31)

Global Friends Benefits:
-- All "National Friends" benefits listed;
-- Option to schedule sit-down meetings to discuss and develop personalized training plan (5 per year);
-- Complimentary participation in XC Oregon camps/clinics Note: Camp discount does not apply to trail or lab fees. Global Friends complimentary Camp participation can cover two immediate family members per donation.;
-- Option to schedule personalized Friends Camps & Clinics at any location worldwide, year-round (all related costs associated with such events to be in addition to annual donations);
-- Other benefits possible on a case-by-case basis.


* Notable notes about Friends of XC Oregon workouts:

One of the most popular benefits for Friends of XC Oregon in the Central Oregon area are notifications (when and where) for Friends to attend informal XC Oregon workouts throughout the year.

Summer and fall workouts are infrequent (these days fewer adult skiers are focused on ski specific training in the dryland), but Coach J.D. is happy to add more sessions to fit demand. In the winter we increase things to aim for an average of at least one workout per week whenever possible between the December Fall Camp and April Spring Camp.

On-snow workouts usually take place at either at Mt Bachelor or Meissner. Sometimes we'll do a special session at other venues. These workouts can vary from 1-20 people and a wide range abilities (everyone past the beginner stage!).

XC Oregon will notify Friends ahead of time if conditions or a specific location require specific skills or "tolerance levels". The usual program each time is to quickly figure out if anyone is doing specific training things that day and then meld individual plans with a few group technique, skill, or workout elements.

The important thing to note is that XC Oregon team workouts are NOT a for-fee Camp or Clinic and they are NOT a pay-per-workout program. No XC Oregon athlete or Friend is ever charged a coaching fee to attend our team workouts (required trail fees or parking permits are a different story).

All coaching staff time at XC Oregon team workouts is 100% volunteer. As such, schedule-wise all workouts are at the mercy of XC Oregon Coach J.D. Downing's available time as well as weather/snow/grooming conditions. We do NOT follow any type of set schedule. We also try and vary workouts to fit the needs of specific roster athletes and Friends working on high-level goals. So workouts will tend to vary locations, times, and days of the week frequently. In some weeks we might have as many as 2-3 workouts offered and other weeks none. 

XCO workouts are typically around 45-60 minutes long, but time with any given skier varies widely (remember, this is NOT like our Camps where you pay a fee for 3 hours of personalized attention!). Some skiers will do an actual intensity or strength menu the entire workout time, others will spend as little as 10-15 minutes getting a quick "technique coaching check-up" in small groups focusing on just 1-2 topics. Some sessions will incorporate video review (but this isn't super common). It is very normal for a portion of any workout group to be doing intensity, another portion distance, and yet another portion content to work on just a few technique drills.

What past Friends have discovered is that brief periods of feedback and interaction via the team workouts perfectly supplement the more in-depth coaching that is provided at the more formalized Oregon Fall and Spring Camps. Over several months, these small bites of additional coaching feedback plus the excellent examples of XC Oregon roster athletes and other Friends out there training with you produces far better results in less time than virtually any other masters coaching system we have found anywhere in the XC ski world.


For more donor info and to sign-up:
Email: jd at xcoregon dot org
Call: (541) 317.0217
Write: XC Oregon
55 SW Gleneagles Way
Bend, OR 97702

To make a Friends donation on-line, click on this link and please send a companion email to the address above to let us know you are making a Friends donation.