Pre-Camp Checklist

Prior To Your First Fall Camp Session:



The time for the in-town video review this Saturday, December 8 is going to be from 2:30-4pm at the Broken Top Bottle Shop in Bend. We needed to move up the time a little bit to fit in another unrelated function.


1.) Trail Fee Payment

If you do not have a Mt Bachelor season pass, you must purchase a trail pass for every day you attend the Fall Camp. FYI: We do not automatically include passes in the Camp fees because many Camp attendees have season passes.

Mt Bachelor Nordic Center is once again generously offering Fall Campers a discounted daily trail fee for Fall Campers for tickets bought via XC Oregon. With on-line credit card processing fees included, passes work out to $15 per day. If you pay with a check or cash on your first Camp morning, passes are $14 per day.

For Fall Campers 65+ years, your regular discounted rate of $14 matches the Camp in-person cash/check payment rate so as long as you pay with cash/check you can easily get your tickets from the Camp when you do your initial Camp check-in on your first Camp day. However, for 65+ if you want to use a credit card to get the $14 rate (saving a whopping $1 per ski day), you'll need to buy your passes via the Mt Bachelor ticket window.

To get the discounted Camp passes, see payment methods listed below. The discounted pass rate is only good for days you are actually enrolled in the Camp. If you ski extra days on your own (which we encourage), you must purchase separate trail passes at the Nordic Center at regular rates.

On your first Camp morning, when you check-in you'll be given a pass marked for the days you Camp. You keep the same pass for all Camp days.

Note: You are also welcome to buy trail passes on any Camp day at the Nordic Center front counter, but note that it will not be possible to get the Fall Camp discount on passes at the front counter -- plus some Camp mornings someone is not staffing the counter before we start our Camp ski sessions (technically we often start before the Center is officially open). Ye be warned.


Three ways to buy discounted Fall Camp trail passes....

Bring a check payable to XC Oregon to your first Camp morning.....$14 per Camp day you attend. All checks must be payable to XC Oregon.

Bring cash -- $14 per Camp day you attend -- to your first Camp morning.....exact change is really appreciated.

Pay by credit card in advance of your first Camp morning.....the Fall Camp only offers advance on-line payment. You CANNOT pay with a credit card at the mountain & get the special Camp rate (you'd have to use your card for regular trail pass rates at the Mt Bachelor Nordic ticket window).

Note: We set up the PayPal button so that you can pay for up to 5 days of passes for up to two people, but you have to do a tiny bit of math. Example: a couple skiing 4 Camp days each would select the "8 pass days" option.

Total number of pass days


2.) Signed Fall Camp Waiver and Signed MBSEF Liability Releases
(yes, 2 waiver forms are required).

Print both these out and bring with you to your first camp day to save time. Bonus points are awarded if you scan or take a smart phone picture of your signed waivers and email to -- jd at xcoregon dot org -- in advance of your first camp day!

Oregon Fall Camp waiver

MBSEF Waiver Here
NOTE: On this waiver just fill in your name at the top (the camp already has your address/phone data on file) and then sign in the 2 spots required on the first page. Only if you have a minor with you will you need to print and fill out page 2 -- so all adults ignore that page.,

Why are there two waiver/releases?
Due to land use requirements and insurance obligations, the Oregon Fall Camp has to require two different waivers. We try and make this painless as possible & apologize for any minor inconvenience this may cause.


3.) Where & When Do We Meet For Ski Sessions?

The Cascade Lakes Highway (aka Century Drive) is the only way up to Mt Bachelor from Bend and is very easy to find from any lodging location. Just ask at your hotel’s front desk. The Nordic Center is at the West Village parking lot which is literally the very end of the plowed highway in the winter. You’ll see the Center log building to the immediate right as you enter the very large parking lot. Allow at least 25-30 minutes drive time from Bend to get to the Center. If there is bad weather you should allow 10-15 minutes extra time for slow roads and traffic. On all weekends -- particularly with fresh snow and clear skies -- road traffic can be crazy busy if you leave after 8am. You are strongly urged to get an early start on weekends!

You can see a tourism office map of town at this link. The road up to Mt Bachelor is in the lower left corner of the map.

For all AM sessions, plan on meeting at the Mt Bachelor Nordic Center (log building) located immediately to the right as you enter the big West Village parking lot (last parking lot you can go to) at Mt Bachelor ski area at the very end of the plowed portion of the Cascades Lakes Highway.

We meet downstairs at the Nordic Center which means you walk around the log building to the right and under the breezeway to find the downstairs door.

Unless you are notified otherwise about special situations (weekend mornings are possible examples), assume all sessions will start at 8:45am. That time is "as in we walk out the door and put on skis at 8:45am". We do tend to operate Fall Camp sessions on-time or very close. If you are late, you have to find us. We will not be able to wait for you and we will not respond to morning messages. If you arrive late, always look in the bowl below the Center first -- then look in the Oval. If you find any Fall Camp group, join them temporarily until our half-time break.

If you arrive early, please note that we do not promise the Nordic Center doors will be open before 8:30am. Please do not pester the staff demanding the doors be open (technically the Center is opening early just for us!). Just sit tight at your car with your gear on and ready until the go time.

Note that there is very limited space in the Nordic Center for storing your gear during the Camp sessions. A small bag of spare clothes with no valuables in it stuffed under a table downstairs is probably OK. Tons of gear brought inside or any bags with valuables in them (particularly on weekends) is a bad idea both from a storage space and gear safety standpoint. Basically -- you leave your stuff in a (very) public place unsecured, you gotta be responsible for any loss.


4.) What To Bring To The Camp In General

Ski Gear for both skating and/or classic techniques...If you are classic skiing, your own supply of kick wax is necessary. If you don’t want to mess around with kick wax, a good pair of waxless skis is strongly encouraged. You should plan to kick wax BEFORE our scheduled meeting time each morning -- we can't hold up the group. A lightweight water bottle and holster is a good idea (we will be skiing at 6,100-6,300ft).

For clothing plan on moderately cold weather and dress in layers. Temps in the 20s and 30s are the norm but it can be cooler than that in the mornings when we will be skiing. Sometimes it will warm up as we ski and you'll want to peel off layers. Plan on having at least two sets of workout clothes in case of wet weather (we will not cancel a session because of bad weather!). Nice clothing is optional.

All restaurants in Bend are casual and our camp lectures are very casual.

For the training workshops and wax clinics -- a notebook and pen/pencils are a good idea (you never know when J.D. is going to say something actually worthwhile).

Other items...running shoes, inside workout clothes for the optional lab test, sunscreen, swimsuit if your lodging has a spa, warm smiles, positive attitude.


5.) Can I glide wax skis somewhere?

Mt Bachelor Nordic Center has a couple of informal wax benches for scraping skis or applying kick wax. They are NOT excited about anyone heating wax in the Center however.

Webcyclery has an open-use wax bench you can work on skis if you ask nicely and in particular if you actually do a nutty thing like actual customer-related stuff like buying something from them (hint, hint!).

For folks from out-of-town, often the best solution is to glide wax your skis just before you head to Bend with a "best guess" wax based on weather forecasts. Remember that the weather at Mt Bachelor often is radically different that weather in Bend itself. The link in this paragraph is matched precisely for the Nordic Center location in the mountains.

If you are only skiing for 3-5 days, you don't really need to re-glide wax in that short of time. A neat trick for your return journey if you fly is to "travel wax" your skis simply by rubbing on a block of really warm paraffin wax on the tips and tails. Then you don't even need to bring or borrow a waxing iron!


6.) Notice for Campers on Sunday, December 9
A local junior club will be holding an open race on Sunday, December 9. Please note that if you'd like to both Camp and race on the same morning, you will undoubtedly miss a good portion of the Camp session. We've tried many things to make both possible in the past -- and it pretty much never worked as well as we'd like. So please note although you can do both, it will mean making some tough choices.

If you do opt to do both Camp and race, please notify the camp ahead of time so we know what your plan is going to be. You will need to sign up on your own for the race at (the entry fee is not included in your camp registration).

Head's up to everyone -- the Camp session meet-up times on both Sunday the 9th and Saturday the 8th (due to a high school race) potentially could shift 15-30 minutes if doing so improves logistics for everyone. We usually decide 2-3 days prior to races based on weather and race parameters. That said, we try and stick to our regular schedule if at all possible.